We are basically a group of friends who love art and love to be able to spend time collecting it and sharing it with others. More than art dealers, we are collectors with a passion for making a lot of noise and spreading the bug.

We deal primarily in young, up-and-coming artists from Latin America and Africa. Apart from ensuring great value for quality and a promising investment, this also helps us promote talent and social development.

Because we are demanding as buyers, we are very attentive to our clients' needs. In addition to the art we have in stock, we can carry out art searches according to our clients' size, color and style requirements. Despite our decision to concentrate primarily on young artists, we can provide our clients with more traditional / established Latin American and African pieces (Tamayo, Toledo, Matta, Konaté, Rose, etc.). 

Apart from our online store, we can arrange for private viewings at our Nashville (TN), Cuernavaca (MX) or Munich (D) locations. All our artwork is sold with corresponding certificates of authenticity. We can arrange for speedy and safe shipping anywhere in the United States and the European Union.